This is a selection of images and videos documenting the evolution of far-right individuals and groups of (mostly) Southern California, who have found a sense of belonging and meaning together at first under the banner of supporting Trump, but later in evolving iterations of Qanon, "Save the Children" "Anti-Vaccine/Anti-Mask" "Anti-CRT" campaigners, Anti-Trans/TERF activists, (framing themselves as being advocates for women), Proud Boys, Groypers and practitioners of extreme forms of Christianity veering into Christo-Fascism. This network of people is diverse, and the political leanings of some individuals were not necessarily right-wing before the Trump candidacy. 

"Bullhorn Bryna" Makowka, in Hollywood


I first encountered this group (which is an extended network of people and subgroups) through Arthur Schaper, who organized a "Back the Blue rally in El Segundo in July 2020. Coincidentally I first saw and photographed Arthur Schaper and another man known as "Based Spartan" at the Women's March in 2018 in Downtown Los Angeles. Arthur Schaper is an anti-immigrant/ anti-LGBTQ activist who is the West Coast director of an organization called MASS RESISTANCE, which has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. There are people in these groups who are openly violent, see themselves as vigilantes or defenders, but often provoke, bully and assault people they encounter. There are "media teams" who film and document this violence and post it in a celebratory manner, as well as identifying people they believe deserve attack (usually because they are labeled as "doxxers" or "Antifa".). There are cheerleaders who amplify these messages, and also are present, often with bullhorns to assert their message and its dominance. There are organizers of events who may or may not be violent- who may even be well-intentioned, but turn a blind eye to the violence that happens at their events.

Arthur Schaper is an organizer who targets people out to be attacked. Using his mobile phone as a kind of mask or shield, he approaches anyone he  believes is  opposed to him , and records  them, while narrating a string of outrageous lies, or presenting his victim with a bizarre interrogation: "So tell me, why do you support the mutulation of children.?And why do you support the mass murder of Black babies" are two of the questions I have heard him shout at people.  Of course, there are also people who show up and observe and do not take part in the violence, but they are complicit in watching it happen.          Over the course of almost two years, I have seen the same people over and over at protests and demonstrations with a rotating set of messages. Their intent is actually to dominate and control public space, to ostracize and punish "Antifa" which is a stand in for everyone they disagree with.  

Arthur Schaper (left) and John "Based Spartan" Turnano

Women's March, 2018 Downtown Los Angeles

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