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Kordy #1

Kordy #1

At Kimani's Birthday, East Flatbush, October 2013 On what would have been Kimani Gray's 17th birthday, his friends and family held a party to remember him. He was killed by officers Mourad Mourad and Jovaniel Cordova who fired a total of eleven shots- seven shots while Kimani was on the ground. Police claimed he had a gun. Witnesses deny there was anything in his hands. Jovaniel Cordova and other police waved guns and threated to shoot witnesses in the aftermath of the killing, even a woman watching from her window on the second floor. "Get your fucking head back in the window or I'll shoot you too" was what the witness remembers Cordova shouting at her. Kimani was 16 when he died. This is his nephew.

Both officers had a total of $251,000. in settlements (the city paid to victims) over claims of police brutality. No action has been taken against them in the aftermath Kimani Gray's death. In May, it was announced that Mourad Mourad would be honored by the Muslim Officers Association with "Officer of the Year" Award. After threats of protest from community groups, Officer Mourad declined the award.